The C.A.R.A.H. is a non-profit organization of agricultural services in the Province of Hainaut.

The Province of Hainaut has always been concerned about its agriculture. The rapid evolution of agricultural technology is combined with a deep redeployment of rural economy. At the opening of markets, the abundance of food and the rural exodus that has changed the context of agricultural production. New constraints appeared recently: respect for environment and animal welfare, importance of the administration and food chain safety.
Nowadays the farming business, breeder, sylviculturist, farmer, horticulturist… can’t be conceived without rigorous economic management or without permanent access to reliable data on environment (climate, water, soil), raw materials (fertilizers, pesticides, food, fodder…), production quality, regulations. Similarly, the need to promote the implementation of a greater number of SMEs and SMIs in rural areas led the Province to expand its activities to food production sector.

The provincial agricultural services, all in one institution, HDT-CREPA (Hainaut Développement Territorial ‐ Centre pour la Recherche, l’Économie et la Promotion Agricole), closely associated with C.A.R.A.H. ASBL, offer a wide range of services. The quality of service is guaranteed and promoted by the competence, the techniques and also by a quality policy based on obtaining certifications and accreditations and by gradual expansion of the quality management system.

Our Services